Prior Situation / Scenario:

  • Campaigns were mainly focused during the tail end of customer life cycle
  • Limited onboarding process (highly dependant on Contact Center capacity)
  • 100% of Up-sell was done through high-cost human intervention

Client Challenges:

  • How to take advantage of data to maximize Upsell
  • Ability to make strategic changes on campaign and improve time to market and execution
  • Fully automated campaign processes

Strata Solution/ Key Enablers:

  • Automation of data pipelines under DataOps framework, with reports and alarms, to scale and secure sales execution
  • Scripts with multiple parameters allow customer to perform campaign changes as required with relevant impact in production
  • Real time processing of events ( Service Orders and Payments)


  • Substantial uptake improvement in the early life cycle campaign (even before they were activated)
  • Fully automated process for target selection
  • Time to execution was substantially reduced
  • Customer contactability increased by 17% and conversion increased by 21%
  • Upselling revenue rose by 11%


Broadband upselling conversions within the first year of customer lifetime increased by 23%, impacting customer lifetime value by 6% and lowering cost of sales for VAS by 27%