The challenge

The CX department needed to have up-to-date consolidated KPIs to provide support to all customers from 15 countries. Data had disparate structure, depending on the geography.

The solution

Automated population of a new Data Mart was implemented, consolidating a unique data structure for all countries, so that KPIs and all information used for support and decision making is standardized. 

The Data Mart was developed with a Serverless Architecture on the AWS Cloud to facilitate maintenance, scalability and data availability. Below, we list some of the services used in the solution:

Storage & Data:
  • Amazon S3: For scalable object storage, including data files to be queried by Amazon Athena.
  • Amazon Redshift Serverless: For Historical Data
  • Amazon Athena: For querying Databases & Tables
  • AWS Lake Formation: For centralized permission management and Data sharing
  • AWS Direct Connect: For a dedicated network connection to AWS.
Compute & Code:
  • AWS Lambda: Serverless Python Functions, used to clean, process and ingest data, generate mappings, and monitor the solution.
  • AWS CodeCommit: Used for Source Control Management
  • AWS CodeBuild: Used for the deployments needed for the solution
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM): Manages Identities and their permissions, configured to use least-privilege principles
  • Amazon GuardDuty: Continuously monitors the AWS Account for anomalous behaviors and events.
  • AWS CloudTrail: Registers Administrative Events in the account.
  • Amazon CloudWatch & Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS): Monitors Metrics and Admin events logged by CloudTrail, and uses an Amazon SNS topic to notify the interested parties if needed.
  • AWS Cost Explorer: Keeps track of costs and is used for reporting.

The results

Up-to-date consolidated data ready for reporting and other analytical tasks to provide a better customer experience for customers in all 15 countries.