Leverage your contact center interactions with SpeakSense-A

Your contact center is filled with valuable data about what your customers like and need. Have a complete, real-time business view from your customer interactions Make informed decisions based on organized information about complaints, preferences, feature requests, product usage patterns, trends, and product satisfaction levels.


  • Enhance your business ability to identify trends and emerging issues faster.
  • Use interaction analytics to boost your forecasting and resource planning.
  • Improve customer experience and increase agent productivity.
  • Reduce costs by optimizing contact center operations.

Why SpeakSense

  • Transcribe all conversations: data from all interactions, nothing is left out.
  • Natural language: ask questions like “What is the main reason why customers call?”, and get answers in natural language, easy to understand and interpret data.
  • From analytics to operations: understand customers and know how to act and update processes.

How does SpeakSenseAI work?

  • Transcription: SpeakSense transcribes every audio and online interaction, effortlessly grasping natural expressions and idioms.
  • Analytics: The tool will sort through the transcriptions and generate comprehensive data graphs and reports of identified patterns using robust analytics.
  • Ask questions: In addition to the reports, you can ask SpeakSense-specific questions using natural language. Do you want to know why customers are leaving or how they react to phone promotions? Just ask!
  • Receive a comprehensive answer: SpeakSense-AI will dive into the transcriptions and identify relevant instances that help answer your question. The answer will also be delivered in natural language so your data scientists and business decision-makers can truly understand the new insight.

Tech arsenal

  • AWS Bedrock
  • Google AO
  • Microsoft azure OpenAI
  • We have experience and have tackled similar challenges in HR, payroll, and contact centers across many domains like