Strata Analytics Experience

STRATA Analytics, a subsidiary of Worldmedia Consulting Group, has more than twelve (12) years of presence in the market, providing professional business consulting services in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Contextual Marketing Management in Real Time.

Our company has an important team of consultants with more than 20 years of experience, deployed in Latin America, with which our clients benefit both from our international experience, and from our extensive knowledge of the local business environment, delivering specific solutions for each client, with the application of the most advanced analytical techniques. 


  • Experience in the use of Big Data tools and technologies such as Hadoop, R, PYTHON and MongoDB.
  • Comparison of models with the creation of abstracts: ROC Graphics, Elevation Graphics,
  • Erroneous Classification Tables and Matching Statistics.
  • Experience in Oracle Database Management, SQL SERVER, MYSQL, POSGRES, Amazon Redshift and OCDM (Oracle).
  • Create reports using the following SAS tools: SAS Information Maps Studio, SAS Web Report Studio, SAS Information Delivery Portal.
  • Creation and design ETL process using SAS Data Integration Studio.
  • Experience in projects about Data Governances program, TIS (Telecommunications Intelligence Solutions) and BIS (Banking Information Solution) using SAS Data Integration Studio.
  • SAS® Enterprise BI Server. BI software solution that integrates the power of SAS Analytics and SAS Data Management (Retail Company).
  • Architecture Multivendor: IBM, SAS, MStrategy.
  • Content management in Portal – CRM (including campaigns).


  • Implementation of a Business Intelligence Competency Center.
  • Creation and Development of the Business Intelligence units: Marketing Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Network Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence and Market Research.
  • Experience in Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of Reports and Dashboards using tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, SAS Visual Analytics, Power BI, ROAMBI, Microsoft Pivot Table, Qlik and SAP Cloud Analytics.
  • Design of Advanced Analytics for: Churn, Microsegmentation, Propensity to Churn, Predictive Models, Machine Learning and Network Overlap.
  • Development of Predictive Models using tools such as IBM SPSS, SAS Enterprise Miner, R, PYTHON, Amazon Machine Learning; and techniques such as logistic regression, linear regression, classification trees and generalized linear models.
  • Construction of Descriptive Models, Segmentations applying K-Means, Hierarchical, Nearest neighbor and other algorithms.


  • Implementation of the Real Time Decision Project in a Telecommunications Company with more than 10 million customers.
  • Experience in multiple digital Transformation Projects in marketing and operations areas in the USA, Central America, Puerto Rico and Colombia.
  • Design personalized and impactful Customer Journeys, Customer Satisfaction Survey and NPS.
  • Campaign Management: Sales, Cross / Up selling, Loyalty and Retention.
  • Referral Program / Social Media.
  • Life time Value and Loyalty Programs.
  • Development and launch of digitization and e-commerce projects in multiple countries.
  • Customer Intelligence Project with SAS Suite: Construction and Implementation of propensity / prediction models, Segmentation, Use, Profiling Soft, Churn, and Social Network Analysis (SNA).
  • Specialists in Business Development, Product, Marketing and Customer Experience in multiple operators in Latin American and Caribbean Region.

STRATA Analytics combines the best available technological solutions tested in the market, with an offer of high value management services to companies in Latin America.