A complete analytical solution designed to recommend personalized offers to your customers.

  • Strata Personalize Service (SPS) is a Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) Cloud machine learning that makes it easy for companies to add hyper personalized recommendations to end customers who use their products. It reflects the vast experience that Strata and Amazon has in building personalization systems.
  • SPS combines all Strata ML Models portfolio with the AWS Personalize Service and the Strata RTDM Solution to guarantee an integrated and complete solution.
  • SPS is a Customer Centric Solution but it also incorporates an Economic criteria in to maximize Company’s Rentability

Strata ML Models Portfolio
Personalize Service
Weighting Recommendations with a rentability approach
Strata RTDM Solution

Behind the scenes

Substantial Algorithm Improvements

Leveraging Amazon’s vast experience on recommendations but adding substantial Strata’s intellectual property in Advanced Analytics…

SPS offers material business benefits

Everybody’s tastes, preferences, and needs are different

  • Simplify the Discovery of new products offers and services.
  • Improve customer engagement with your Brand, website, app or content.
  • Increase customer loyalty with your brand.
  • Increase conversion rates – purchases, subscriptions, app downloads, service up-take.
  • Substantial Operational Simplification: there is no need to generate segmentation, or complex offers matrix neither to manually configure the campaign platforms
  • Streamline Product Life Cycle Analysis.
  • Increase revenue for your business !