Strata Cloud Platform

Solution Stack:



Functional Overview:
Advanced Reporting

The Strata Advanced Reporting Module was designed for marketing decision makers who want to use and derive business insight from data. It’s a flexible data Visualization Tool, powered by SAS® Visual Analytics, that allows Business owners to identify patterns and relationships in data that weren’t initially evident. Interactive, self-service BI and reporting capabilities combined with predefined Telecom dashboards and KPIs allow users to monitor Marketing Campaign performance and discover insights from any size and type of data.

Real time complex
event processing

The Strata Real Time Complex Event Processing module analyzes and understands millions of events per second, detecting patterns of interest as they occur. The results show the correct actions to take, what alerts to issue, which data to store and which events to ignore. The CEP is a high performing massive event processing platform that combine streams of events from multiple sources ( billing, on-line charging, location, web or mobile app interaction) to identify meaningful events (such as low balance, threshold usage levels, intention to churn, social media post, etc.) and respond to them as quickly as possible. The CEP analyze patterns in real-time and help the business to launch Personalized Contextual Offers to subscribers.

Customer Journey
Campaign Design Studio

The Strata Customer Journey & Campaign Design Studio module was
designed for marketing and product managers who need an
easy-to-use customer journey design tool. It allows for the
customization of your campaign processes to ensure they work for you.
The module lets campaign designers create multiple custom campaigns
and customer journeys based on unique business requirements to
handle those situations in which standard ones fall short. It is a
multichannel marketing execution and a comprehensive solution for
planning, testing and automating campaigns in a way that improves
marketing efficiency and effectiveness. It’s unmatched usability,
made-for-marketers interface, and automated trackable easy to repeat
processes let you get more campaigns, faster.

Smart Digital Channel

The Strata Smart Digital Channel Enablement module allows Enterprises to accelerate their Digital Transformation Program, enabling organizations to take analytical insights from data and interact with customers on digital channels by deploying an intuitive easy to use web, mobile apps or captive portal experience for up-selling, acquiring customers or communicating product and services. Receiving a personalized marketing message that is truly contextual, anticipated, relevant and individualized is rare. Strata uses a complete customer view combined with embedded analytical decision helpers to engage with customers in a relevant way.

Realize customer needs – with the right offer, at the right time, with the right channel